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ATEEZ graces the pages of 1st Look magazine in a chic pictorial and shares their thoughts just before their comeback at the end of this month!

Rising K-pop group ATEEZ teamed up with 1st Look magazine for their July issue. The members showed off their new looks, turning towards a more mature, cooler concept than ever seen before. In the latest issue of the magazine, the group radiates the vibe of rebellious youth, pairing stylish school-uniform inspired outfits with sophisticated hair and pensive gazes.

The members captivated readers even further in their unit shots, emanating a relaxed atmosphere and their likeable charms.

Moreover, following the photoshoots, ATEEZ divulged in their thoughts regarding their upcoming comeback.

ATEEZ’s eldest member and vocalist, Seonghwa, stated, “After debut, I’ve been working tirelessly, but this time the gap was quite long. That’s why I missed the stage and the fans. I am preparing hard to show you something great with that thirst and despair.”

Additionally, the group’s leader Hongjoong explained that the members have been working hard to show new sides to fans. Promising an unexpected and exciting comeback, Hongjoong teased that fans can anticipate a lot from ATEEZ.

Fans can read their full interview and enjoy their pictorial in the July 2 edition of 1st Look magazine. Furthermore, 1st Look will release exclusive behind-the-scenes footage from ATEEZ’s photoshoot on their YouTube channel on July 17.

ATEEZ continues to raise the expectations for their upcoming comeback with their album ATEEZ ZERO : FEVER Part.1, releasing July 29.

Source: Sports Donga

Image Source: 1st Look

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