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WEi Awes With Striking Dance Cover Video For EXO’s “Love Shot” oleh -

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WEi impressed with a remarkable sexy dance cover video.

Boy group WEi released its first dance cover video. In particular, the boys performed under the music of one of EXO’s famous songs.

WEi includes Jang Dae Hyeon, Kim Dong Han, Kim Yo Han, and Kang Seok Hwa. The boys uploaded a dance cover video of EXO’s “Love Shot” on the group’s official YouTube channel on July 17.

In the video, the members drew attention with their all-black suits. In particular, the eye-catching visuals stood out from the very beginning which excited fans quite a lot.

Moreover, WEi managed to deliver the fatal atmosphere which is unique to “Love Shot”. The members showed their talents and perfect balance between them, adding to the fun of watching the cover.

The members are already garnering attention both domestically and abroad. Furthermore, expectations are high on how they will capture fans’ hearts in the future.

WEi is OUI Entertainment’s new boy group, expected to debut later this year. For now, the group includes the previously announced four members.  So far, there are no news of more members being added.

Meanwhile, WEi recently opened its official social media accounts and fan cafe. The boys even revealed the group’s logo and will continue communicating with fans in various ways.

Source: HeraldPop, WEi YouTube

Screenshots from WEi YouTube

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